How LabnSync Works

Design & Run Your biological Experiments Remotely

LabnSync offers a seamless approach to research and development, empowering scientists, researchers, and innovators to conduct experiments, analyze data, and drive discoveries without the constraints of physical laboratories.

We handle all aspects of daily lab work including: method design, sample preparation, instrument operation, data analysis and reporting, troubleshooting and everything in between.

1. Full Control Over Every Detail

With LabnSync, you have complete autonomy to design every aspect of your experiment utilizing the core services provided. Imagine standing in the laboratory yourself, with the ability to manipulate experimental parameters to your exact specifications. Samples can range from microliters to liters, and experiments encompass both analytical and preparative protocols.

We allow you to select and modify experimental parameters. Once designed, protocols are automatically saved to your database, ensuring push-button reproducibility.

2. Let Our Staff Do the Work

LabnSync has a sophisticated arsenal of laboratory procedures that can be utilized within your experiment. The procedures available grow over time, allowing LabnSync to provide a comprehensive overview of your research activities.

Navigate your current and past experiment data effortlessly, answering any questions about your experiments within seconds. Conduct searches across your organization's entire history, including your data, shared organizational data, and published information.

3. Run New Experiments Seamlessly

LabnSync employs advanced lab scientists and automated instrumentation to execute a wide array of experiment types in our state-of-the-art facilities. With over 50 different types of instruments online, we can run a wide range of experiments or work with you to design new procedures.

Upon submitting an experiment through LabnSync, our staff carry out the instructions. The results are then added to your database within a few days. LabnSync ensures efficient and accurate execution.

4. An Extra Hand with Data Analysis

LabnSync provides comprehensive data analysis and visualization of all experiments ran. Your experiment report offers powerful functions for data visualization, analysis, and simulation.

Easily export, share, or publish your experiments, data, analysis, and scientific figures directly from LabnSync.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to create a system that eliminates the everyday challenges scientists encounter in the laboratory, enabling them to focus on the strategic orchestration of scientific pursuits. In a world where scientific concepts can swiftly translate into reality, the transformative potential is immense. Progress in science and medicine would be propelled by the power of innovative ideas rather than the laborious tasks in the lab. Achieving this mission holds the promise of offering scientists worldwide unprecedented leverage and independence, consequently accelerating advancements in pharmaceutical research, materials science, medical diagnostics, and agriculture.

At LabnSync our mission is to empower scientists to transcend the laboratory.  We have designed our services to assist biotech companies across five core pillars: