Services & Benefits

LabnSync is a pioneering research management and staffing company that combines expertise, technology, and innovation to create a virtual laboratory experience. We are committed to providing services that enable researchers, organizations, scientists, and entrepreneurs to conduct experiments remotely, efficiently, and with convenience. Our approach is centered around bridging the gap between traditional laboratory practices and the digital age, fostering a collaborative environment that drives breakthroughs.

Virtual Lab Solutions

LabnSync offers a state-of-the-art virtual laboratory equipped with a vast array of instruments, techniques, and expertise. Through our platform, users can remotely control experiments, manage workflows, and access a wide range of disciplines, including analytical chemistry, biochemistry, genetic engineering, and more.

Automated and Manual Techniques

Our services can include automated and manual techniques, allowing even the most complex and intricate experiments to be conducted remotely. From stock solution generation to PCR to cell culture research, LabnSync allows customers to operate experiments and reproduce procedures remotely and transparently.

Comprehensive Data Reporting

Through our partnerships with research organizations on the west coast, we have access to a wide variety of equipment and lab facilities. Our current list of available equipment is continuously updated and can be found below.

Accessibility and Convenience

Conduct experiments from anywhere in the world. LabnSync eliminates the need for physical presence in a lab, providing researchers with unprecedented accessibility and convenience.


Whether you are conducting one-off experiments, optimization studies, or large-scale research projects, LabnSync offers scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our service grows with your requirements, ensuring flexibility and efficiency at every stage.

Collaborative Environment

LabnSync fosters collaboration among researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs. Our platform enables seamless sharing of methods, data, and expertise, creating a vibrant ecosystem of innovators working together to drive scientific advancements.

LabnSync Equipment List

  • Yamato SM300 portable autoclave (2)
  • Keyence VHX-900F digital microscope
  • Revco -86C ultralow chest freezer (2)
  • Reach in cooler (4C) (2)
  • Frigidaire manual defrost -20C freezer (2)
  • Eppendorf refrigerated 5418R microcentrifuge
  • Beckman J2-21 centrifuge
  • Vortex mixer - 1 per bench
  • Rainin pipet set (P20, P200, P1000) - one set per bench
  • Labnet Biopette Plus (0.1-2μl) (2)
  • Eppendorf 5804R refrigerated centrifuge (fixed angle and swinging bucket rotors)
  • Water bath (2)
  • Isotemp gravity convection incubator (100L)
  • Isotemp heating/drying oven (100L)
  • Thermo Scientific Thermolyne benchtop muffle furnace
  • Bio-Rad T100 Thermal Cycler (2)
  • Bio-Rad Mini Trans-Blot cell
  • Bio-Rad Mini-PROTEAN Tetra Cell (4 gel)
  • Invitrogen Qubit 4 Fluorometer
  • GeneMate H06000V hybridization oven
  • Invitrogen Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter
  • NanoDrop One spectrophotometer (with cuvette option)
  • ThermoBarnstead E-Pure 4module ultrapure water system
  • Elga PURELAB Flex 2 UV/TOC ultrapure water system
  • Agilent 1100 HPLC system
  • Spectrum Labs Spectra/Chrom CF-1 fraction collector
  • Ohaus AX223 Adventurer analytical precision balance (2)
  • Mettler Toledo FiveEasy Plus FEP20 pH meter (2)
  • Fisherbrand dual frequency ultrasonic water bath
  • Stirring hotplate (2)
  • Corning LSE benchtop shaking incubator (2)
  • Thermo Scientific Heraguard ECO clean bench (4ft) (Certified)
  • Thermo Scientific 1345 Series A2 Class II Bio Safety Cabinet (Certified)
  • Thermo Scientific Evolution 260 Bio UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
  • UVP ChemStudio PLUS Touch Imaging System
  • Buchi R300E rotovap with vacuum pump
  • MJ Research PTC-200 gradient thermal cycler
  • Bio-Rad PowerPac HC power supply
  • Bio-Rad Mini-Sub cell GT horizontal electrophoresis system
  • Molecular Devices SpectraMax iD3 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader

A Unique Approach to Research and Development

LabnSync offers a seamless approach to research and development, empowering scientists, researchers, and innovators to conduct experiments, analyze data, and drive discoveries without the constraints of physical laboratories.